Wednesday, April 14, 2010

birthday wishes…

Time sure flies when you are having fun, Haillie turns fourteen today! Can you believe it? I'm the mom of a 14 yr old. *omg* How does that happen? It just amazes me that it's been that long already and how much she has changed.
Hails doesn't care for parties where she is the center of attention and she's not big on cake. So we always have a seafood dinner and her favorite cherry cheesecake. With her birthday falling on a Wednesday, which is Christopher late class night, I decided to have her dinner on Tuesday. Sounds simply right? Huh! Not in this military household.
I made up the menu and my plan was to make the cheesecake first thing Monday morning then go shopping for the seafood Tuesday morning. Then Christopher decides he will have someone else take his class so we can have her dinner on her actual birthday. Not a problem I just move my plans forward a day. Surprise! Monday I get a call, Christopher will have to stay Wednesday and do his class so we need to have the dinner Tuesday. *lol* At this point it too late to start the cheesecake because Haillie will soon be home from school. As soon as she is out the door Tuesday morning I make the cheesecake, fingers crossed that eight hours will be enough for it to set. It wasn’t. *lol*
I unlatched the spring form pan and the cheesecake went everywhere. I mean everywhere! I’m standing there holding the pan starring in disbelief at the falling cheesecake, we have people coming to this birthday dinner and Haillie is just hysterically laughing. She can’t stop laughing and I have no clue what to do. *yikes* Off to Walmart we go in a hurry. She’s still laughing in the car.
I let Hails choose what crappy store bought dessert she wanted for her birthday and she still went with cheesecake. It looked much better than mine but didn’t taste as good. Mine is made with 2 1/2 pounds of cream cheese and really needs 24 hrs to set. Lesson learned. She still had an amazing, crazy and fun birthday. I love this kid, she is really growing into an amazing young lady. Happy Birthday Haillie!

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Paula said...

They grow up so fast. She'll remember this birthday for the fun you had laughing over cheesecake, not the fact that she didn't get homemade!


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