Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just Us Girls

Christopher is off playing with his cadets for the weekend leaving me and the kiddos home alone.
So what do us girls do when Dad is away. Go shopping of course. I told the girls to sleep in but everyone was up by 7:00a and we were out the door by 11:00a. Our first stop was at Michael's for some crafting supplies. Haillie is working on a piece of artwork for a friend and needed some water colors to finish it. Abby, it pains me to say this, finally gave into the Silly Bandz trend and picked up a set. While I was looking for some baking decorating accessories. Just wait till you see what I'm obsessed with now. Next we hit Pet Smart for food and biscuits. Boring. I wanted to check out some dog clothes for Mocha but Haillie was with me and she would have picked on me relentlessly. Then the store of all stores... Target! I love Target and we spent too much on things we just had to have. All in all it was a good day.
Last week I started working on my Christmas cookie list and tray list. While blog hopping I came across "Bake at 350" and have become obsessed with her cookies. The best part is she shares everything from recipes to decorating techniques. I made my list and bought some items to get me started. I whipped up a batch of cut-outs this afternoon. Let them cool completely. Outlined them with royal icing. Let that harden. Then flood-filled them. I am impressed with my first attempt and can't wait to see how they look in the morning totally dry. I plan on throwing this batch away and making a new batch on Monday. I had too many helpers today making it hard to fully concentrate.
I see personalized Christmas cookies in my families future.


Paula said...

Those are beautiful! I have looked at that same blog many times and wished I had it in me to make some of those beauties. I'm afraid I'm too impatient and way less than artistic. I'm not sure I can do it.

Michelle said...

It's easier than you think. The hardest part for me was letting Abby help. I'm a perfectionist and a horrible mom when it comes to baking. We had fun though.

katiebear said...

How do you keep the cookies fresh for christmas?? I'd love to make mine ahead of time.

These are seriously beautiful cookies!

Michelle said...

I have frozen cookies in the past for up to a month, like basic chocolate chip types. I have never frozen my Christmas cookies since I give most of them away and want them to be fresh. Right now I'm picking out my top 20 recipes and making a list of how many trays I'm handing out. This way I can start to stock up on supplies. About two weeks before Christmas I start making the doughs and keep them in the fridge. Toast, bag and label my nuts. Then about four days before I bake everything and assemble trays. It seems like a lot to do but there is little clean up since the dough is all ready to go.


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