Monday, September 13, 2010

Me – Those = Fantabulous

Kick off!
I fell off my healthy living bandwagon and it's time to jump back on. I'm hoping by posting a week in review it will help keep me motivated and accountable.
Goals for September
o lose 10 pounds
o do 10 proper push-ups
o buy a kettlebell
Goals for Week 1
o morning yoga
o treadmill at least once per day
o journal my food intake
I'll be tracking my weight and inches on SparkPeople. I love the ease of that site and it's free. I also love Prevention Magazine. They had a recent article on how to "Do a Proper Push-Up" and I'm already on step three of five. Go Me! My main goal is to make these small steps turn into daily habits. Off to my morning yoga I go.

1 comment:

Paula said...

I'm impressed. I was doing well for a while and had dropped four pounds. This weekend I blew it though. I couldn't bring myself to get on the scale this morning.
I'm back on track and will start walking with my neighbors again tomorrow.


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