Thursday, October 7, 2010


Time to have some fun! I've been tagged by Paula from "Queen of My Castle" to answer 8 questions she posted. After I answer those I am going to post 8 different questions and tag 8 people. What a fun way to get to know each other. I was asked…
  1. If you could go back and start all over at the age of 21, would you? Why or why not?   I most certainly would not go back. *lol* Stress and drama. I met my husband and ran away from home out of state with a man I barely knew. My parents and I really didn't talk for about two years. His mom was less than happy with the whole situtation. Then we had our first daughter and for someone so little she sure mended a lot of bridges.
  2. What would be the perfect pet for you?   I have my perfect pet, my Yorkie! "Little Miss Mocha Jo".
    When I first met her she fit in the palm of my hand. Now at 4 years old Mocha weighs 3-1/2 pounds. She goes with me almost everywhere shopping, visiting family and friends, the library and family vacations. I am now one of those people who put pajamas on their dog in cold weather and have a special dog purse for when going out. My most recent purchase was a shoulder sling so she could go hiking with us on our trip to Ohio. She is in love with her dad to the point if we are cuddling she tries to push her way in between us. I don't think she knows she is a dog.
  3. If you were a car, what kind would you be?  A shiny laser red 2010 Saab Aero Convertible. For no other reason than just because.
  4. What is in the floor of your closet?   Plywood and tools.
    Right now all of our upstairs closets are gutted. We are still in the midst of completing what seems like never ending renovations to the second floor of our home. Our bedroom closet has never been so clutter free. Downside being whenever you need anything you have to head to the attic and search through boxes.
  5. If you had the chance to do anything you wanted for a living, what would it be?   I would either want to be a Web Designer or an owner of a B&B. It's a toss up. Maybe an owner of a B&B who does Freelance Web Designing from home. I could cook, clean and entertain in my own home for grateful people who would pay me. What part of that just doesn't sound awesome?
  6. If you had the chance to spend one day with someone who is gone from your life, how would you spend it?   That is so easy… my Papa. He was the perfect man. He has been gone for 23 years now and I still miss him terribly. He told me to stay away from boys and promised that the braces would be worth all the pain. I would just love to spend the day catching him up on my life. Being able to introduce him to my girls, he would have spoiled them rotten. Then making him a batch of homemade gnocchi to see if they past his taste test.
  7. Describe yourself in 200 words or less. (sorry, I stole that one)  My daughter describes me as "fluffy with the mouth of a sailor". Smart Ass Child! I am "Little Miss Suzy Homemaker" with OCD. I want our home clean enough that you can eat off the floors. Not that you should. I love cooking and baking from scratch for my family. I'm a people please to a fault. I will help you out when you need someone but will never ask for help myself. I wish I would get over that. I love being a wife and a SAHM but sometimes miss having a career. I am a worrier. I'm an emotional eater and it doesn't help that I love all types of food. I battle with thyroid disease and autoimmune issues. No fun. I do well with putting up with people's BS but heaven forbid if you even look at my kiddos the wrong way. *smile*
  8. What is your favorite holiday? How would you spend it if you could have your way?  Christmas! And we do spend it MY way. *lol* It starts in October with planning out which top twenty cookies will be on the cookie trays. Then I make a list of who will receive trays so that I can start stock piling ingredients. In November I enlist the help of my kiddos to start stringing popcorn for the tree and all the garland around the house. Cards are also addressed, signed and ready to go out. After Thanksgiving Christmas music is almost always on, my iPod is loaded! December 1 is when I mail out our Christmas cards and the first weekend we make applesauce cinnamon ornements for the tree.
    I start planning out food for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. As a family we drive to the tree farm and pick out our tree. We decorate it while watching "A Christmas Story". That movie is a timeless family favorite and from that night on it's played over and over again. I bake lots of cookies. We host Christmas Eve at our home so I can over cook and entertain. Everyone is welcome to come, last year I FaceBook'ed that that everyone was welcomed to stop by, if you leave our home hungry it's your own fault. Once everyone is gone and the kitchen is cleaned up I make sticky buns for Christmas morning, that at our home too. When the kiddos wake up Christmas morning they call my parents to come down. While we wait for them to get to our home I start coffee and breakfast. Once all the morning hubbub is over we get ready to drive an hour and a half to Christopher's family to do it all again. It's a holiday at our home from then on till January 2.
My turn! Here are my 8 questions...
  1. If you could invite anyone in the world, who would you want as your dinner guest? What would you serve them for dinner?
  2. What is your favorite "me time" activity?
  3. If you could rename yourself who would you become?
  4. How long have you been blogging & why did you start?
  5. You are granted one super power, what would it be and how would you use it?
  6. What one electronic device could you not live without?
  7. If you had a time machine, what year would you travel to and why?
  8. What is one thing (material item) you don't share well with others?
I pick...
Tag ladies you are it!


Renee said...

How Fun!!

1. Too hard! I don't think I can commit to this... let me think... I still don't know. I want to say Eve, and that I would serve her apple crisp, but it feels so wrong to say that.

2. I love me time! Recently, reading, yoga, napping...

3. My mom said she thought of naming me Audrey after Ms. Hepburn herself, I've thought about changing my name to Audrey in the past.

4. About a year and a half, and I started because I love writing and needed an outlet.

5. Flying so I could travel the world.

6. Laptop. Period. Amen. You can have my cell phone any day.

7. I would travel to, well I don't know the exact year, but I'm a big fan of whenever it was that The Notebook took place. LOVE the clothes! I'd also love to live during Little House on the Prairie.

8. Haha! I don't share dessert well. Food in general is not easy for me to part with.

Taylor said...

Thanks! I just posted mine! :)


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