Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Vs Soup

Dear Snow,
Go away NOW!
All day on Facebook were status updates complaining of children going to school in the midst of this horrible snowstorm. I was so confused because it wasn't doing a darn thing here. Normally if it's snowing where my SIL lives we are getting double the flurries. Not today. Then I received a call from the school, the kiddos were getting out early. For what? By the time the girls were home it was barely flurrying and now five hours later Christopher can't make it home. Grrr. It was a perfect day for loaded baked potato soup. Soup just warms me up on cold snowy days. This time I left the skins on and added some cubed ham. Delish. I think I will always leave the skins on. Next time I want to make it with baby red potatoes. That just sounds so yummy. With it being just the kiddos and I for dinner there was so much leftover. Tomorrow night should really be a fend for yourself night but I'm anxious to try the white cheese chicken lasagna. I'm not even hungry and that sounds good. After dinner was done and the kitchen was cleaned up we headed up to my room. What an exciting life we lead climbing into bed at 7:00p. I can't help it when Christopher isn't home the girls and I love watching TV in my bed. I love cozy girl time. There was nothing on and our favorite shows were repeats but we still had so much fun.

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Paula said...

I love your baked potato soup! I can't wait to have it again. I think I'll schedule it for my cheat day next weekend :) This Saturday, Alex has requested Italian Beef Hoagies.. and since I LOVE those, we're having them.
I remember piling up in bed watching TV with my girls. Good times. You're creating memories :)


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