Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flowers & Twine

Christopher bought the kiddos and I our traditional Valentine’s Day flowers. Awww. I love me a man in uniform but a man in uniform walking through the door with three bunches of flowers in his arms. Be still my beating heart. Only one problem. I use to receive 200 Peruvian lilies, my favorite flower of all time. So I have a lot of tall big vases. With the addition of two daughters my bouquet has been downsized. *lol* I had to get creative this morning and grabbed the twine.

There is a ridge around the top of my favorite and simple vase. I double wrapped the twine around it and tied a bow. Then I simply knotted off four pieced across. And in the opposite direction I weaved and knotted. Simple fix.

Once the flowers were placed I felt it looked a tad loose and messy. So I pulled the knots inward to help them stand straight and tall. Simple and beautiful.

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