Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recycled Tissues

This has to be the longest day ever! Thanks to my little germ monster I've been up since three unable to sleep due to a head cold. The kind where you want to take your eyes out of their sockets so your head can drain of all the snot. *gross* I bet that would feel so good!
Abby & I are the only lucky ones in the house to be afflicted with the head cold from hell. Only when you are sick and in need of supplies do you notice the medicine cabinet is low/out dated and maybe you should have more tissues on hand. With us down to our last box of tissues we have been forced to use them sparingly. Well that is until Christopher comes home from work and saves the day. That's when I noticed that Abby is a wasteful tissue user.

A: *grabs tissue, wipes nose, tosses tissue into trash, grabs another tissue, wipes nose, goes to toss that tissue into trash*
M: STOP! You need to use that tissue again.
A: *looks at me confused* You want me to use a used tissue?
M: No, I want you to finish using the tissue you started.
A: *dead serious* You don't recycle tissues, they have germs. *turns and walks away*

I drew blank for a moment because she was so serious. Like I just said the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard. She made me feel like I was my crazy grandmother who would wash out bread bags and reuse them. The women would hang them out to dry on the clothes line. I use to pick on her something awful. Once I gathered my thoughts we had a lesson on nose blowing and wiping. I'm not sure I have convinced her yet that it's the right thing to do.

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