Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Never Sends A Cleanup Crew

Christmas Eve falling on a Thursday was just so perfect. We had Christmas Eve at our home, Christmas morning with my parents & Christmas evening with Christopher's family. Then Saturday & Sunday we played, played & played with the girls. Other than the necessary load or two of laundry so the kiddos didn't have to go naked or running of the dishwasher I really haven't done any type of household chore. We lived on leftovers & cookies. Which Abby thinks is the perfect diet. Now that Monday has rolled around its back to reality. I must clean up this house! Our kitchen table is lost somewhere under bead jewelry sets, paint sets, play doh & a variety of other craft kits. The living room looks like the Wii threw up; I'm not even sure where to store all the accessories. I've thrown a roast into the crockpot in the attempt to have a real sit down meal again. The kind with veggies instead of cookies, sorry Abby. So right after this cup of eggnog tea with a touch of procrastination I'll be a cleaning machine.

1 comment:

Renee said...

I'm feeling the same pains. Seriously, where are the elves? It's not like Santa is going to need them for the next few weeks. He's on vacation.


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