Monday, January 4, 2010


Sleeping Arrangements: What Are Your Family's?
Growing up I shared a room with my younger sister, we even shared a bed. I never had a moments peace, she broke my toys, I was a clean freak, she liked living in a pig pen… she was a bed wetter, need I say more. I remember saying, “when I grow up my kids would have their own room”. In addition to that I love sex and sleep! With that said our girls have always slept in their own cribs/beds in their own rooms. Everyone’s bedroom doors are open. It’s not like I have them locked up and put away for the night. This is probably the only parental area that I have held my ground on. And maybe it’s because they take after me and have always been good sleepers that it has never been an issue. There are those occasions, especially during a deployment, that someone climbs into bed with me. I’m fine with that, we all next some extra comforting from time to time. But when I hear my friend gratefully stating that her five yr old finally feel asleep by midnight after she laid down with him. OH NO THANK YOU! I don’t see how you can recharge, where is your down time, a grown up moment.
Now let’s talk teenagers! This is a whole new can of worms for me as our oldest is now thirteen. She went from a child who slept from nine at night till seven in the morning to this creature who is up till midnight and has to be up for school by six. The rule is all laptops off by eight and all other electrical devices off by nine. She reads till midnight or later, gets up by six on her own with no problem. I just don’t think that is enough sleep and I’m about to drug her or at least give her a shot of bourbon. (jk) Where’s the book “What to Expect the Teen Years”?

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