Monday, January 18, 2010


Bucket Lists: What's on Yours?
Haillie is laughing at my pathetic-ness! But I have some theories worked out my lack of a list.
Theory #1: I worry too much about injury and consequences. Even if there were more on my list you wouldn't find anything to do with large bodies of non chlorine water or something that requires me to be higher off the ground than four feet.
Theory #2: My husband does more than plenty adventurous things for the both of us. He loves jumping out of planes and being shot at. He's climbed and repelled off of mountains of gigantic sizes in both summer and winter. He's traveled to so many places some I can't even properly pronounce. His list of completed items is endless. I'm the Yin to his Yang.
Theory #3: My bucket list was just so simple that I've already completed it. Ever since my Barbie met Ken I wanted to be a wife. I had the career where I was an important team member. I've danced all night. I wanted to be a mommy and have girls. I've made love on the beach. I've been to Disney. I feel completely and unconditionally loved. I've been to Barbados. I've swam with the turtles, not by choice but glad I did it. If I died tomorrow I would be fine with what I've done.

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The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I would love to tour Italy, France and England. Maybe someday . . .


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