Monday, January 18, 2010

Where’s My Dinner woMEN

That is what my 10 yr old yelled up the stairs to me, you would have to hear the tone of her voice to get the full effect. She is a character. I rolled my eyes at Christopher who was trying not to laugh and keep himself out of trouble. For once again his words where coming back to haunt him. She loves copycatting his actions towards me especially when it cracks him up. Unlike her dad Abby doesn't know when to stop. So imagine, if you can, my sweet little blue eyed blonde with a filthy wife beater shirt on, wad of chew in her mouth and beer can in her hand saying…
"check my homework woMEN"
"woMEN where are my pjs"
"are you going to tuck me in woMEN"
I was so ready to beat her father who by this point had joined in the fun.

1 comment:

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Too funny! :) Now get off the computer and go do some laundry, woMEN!


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