Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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Worst Parent of the Year?
When my oldest daughter was ten we went to the Orthodontist for the first stage of getting her braces on. Now normally I’m a very calm mom, I don’t raise my voice, I don’t get angry and I especially don’t curse around our girls. This is a key point to my story. They call us back for her appointment and one minute everything is fine. Then the Orthodontist comes in and my daughter closes her mouth and puts both of her hands over it. I was shocked by her behavior. The Ortho explains what she is going to do and not to be scared. My daughter doesn’t budge. The Ortho then tries to pry my daughter’s hands away. After 20 minutes the Ortho is fed up with my child, tells me she never met such a disrespectful child, bring her back in six months and maybe by then she will have grown up some. I was furious at the Ortho for the way she treated my child, I was furious at my daughter for the way she was acting. We leave the office and get in the car and my daughter laughingly says, “whoa, that was close.” I lost it! I turned to her and started yelling with all kinds of curse words attached to include… what the f--- is wrong with you?! The look on her face made me froze. What kind of mom does that? We were both crying, I apologized, she apologized. Then she asked if we could go back into the office? She promised to behave. We went back in and they let us finish her appointment. I never felt so bad in my life, totally didn’t handle that situation well at all.

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Kris said...

I wouldn't beat yourself up about that. Everyone gets pushed to the limit at one point. Sometimes your kids need to see that you have a breaking point. It's makes you human, you know? It sounds like you guys had a good discussion about it afterwards, so I'd just chalk it up to a learning experience from a good mother. :)


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