Tuesday, May 11, 2010

chocolate covered strawberries…

I guess it really is the simpler things in life that bring the greatest pleasure.

While grocery shopping today I saw strawberries were on sale. I normally only buy local strawberries at the farmer's market or wait for my dad's strawberry patch. These strawberries were beautiful though and something that pretty has to taste good, right? I then decided since I wasn't cooking I would make these strawberries a little extra special and dip them in chocolate. Yummers! I even made it way simple for myself and grabbed a container of Baker's Dipping Chocolate. I get home, dip the strawberries and hid them in the fridge. It was my first time using the Baker's Dipping Chocolate and I can't believe how clean and simple it was. That is definitely an item that I will keep stocked in my pantry. Loved it!

Dinner time rolls around and I set the table laying out the pretzel sandwiches, pasta salad, chips and the plate of strawberries in the center. You should have seen everyone's eyes light up when they saw chocolate on the table for dinner. How taboo of me. And what a hit!

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