Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Welcome to another addition of when overprotective mom attacks.
Haillie's high school spring concert was tonight, the kids did an amazing outstanding job! I almost didn't go because I was so ready to tear the band teacher a new one. Did I use that statement right? All because of this conversation two days ago.

Me: Are you 1st chair or 2nd chair flute?
H: I'm 3rd.
Me: Are you sure? *starting to see red* That doesn't sound right.
H: I'm sure that I'm 3rd chair flute.

Someone is going to die.

You see I had great hopes that my girls would follow in my footsteps, somewhat. I wanted girls in the worst way and God gave me girls. Thank you God. BUT be careful what you wish for. Just because I have girls didn't mean they would be girly like me. I paint my nails alone. I don't get to play with anyone's hair. Forget clothes shopping and I'm the only one wearing pink. Cheerleading is out. *sniffle* I'm sure homecoming court isn't in our future and Haillie has already informed me that Prom is gay. *sigh* I loved Prom and had a blast at all five of them in my PINK dresses. I think Haillie just cringed and threw up a little. Since I listed all the things I might not be experiencing with my girls there is still one thing I do have. BAND!

Haillie has been playing with my flute since she was five. I have great hopes of her being a band geek like me. By the time I graduated I was playing flute, clarinet, auto clarinet and sax. I almost joined the Army to play in the band. I now understand why the overweight, out of shape dad with the dead end job coaches the football team pressuring his son to be the quarterback and relive his dream. That's me!

I reluctantly go to the concert, dragging my feet, complaining to my girlfriend about the 3rd chair flute issue. She is also shocked. All those extra lessons we paid for, the money spent on a more professional flute that would take her through college, future music scholarships gone. Then the kids walk onto stage taking their seats, tuning their instruments and the concert starts.

There is my daughter sitting in the front row. I'm confused. Then I start counting. *omg* My daughter is the biggest DORK ever. I start laughing. I was laughing so hard Christopher and my girlfriend turn to look at me. My daughter isn't 3rd chair flute, she's playing 1st flute sitting in the 3rd chair.

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Tasha said...

LOL! That is too funny!!


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