Thursday, May 27, 2010

“The Talk” Take Two

Yesterday evening while we were fishing reality hit me. Abby is eleven. I haven't had "the talk" with her yet. Why didn't we have boys then "the talk" could be Christopher's job. I hate "the talk". It means they are growing up. It means moodiness and attitudes. It means less hugs, no more kisses and goodbye snuggling. It means someone that at one time who couldn't stand to be out of your arms now wants nothing to do with you. Growing up SUCKS and I'm just not quite ready for my youngest to need me less.


Paula said...

Oh girl, I don't envy you with girls this age. I've done it... three times! It's tough for so many different reasons. I hope it goes well and the hormones cut you some slack once in a while. *HUGS*

Carla Anne Coroy said...

when my oldest daughter went through this stage we worked hard at building a closer relationship by spending even more time. it hasn't always been smooth sailing... but I can say that it is possible to have a teen who still hugs me more than even my younger kids, who loves to snuggle even still, and when those hormones are raging says, "Mom, can you sit with me on the couch so I can just cry for no reason?" It's possible to keep that connection all the way through!! So don't give up hope for that.


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