Monday, July 12, 2010

And Away We Go

Finally after a week of list making, planning and packing we were off to Ohio. We decided to leave the house at 6:00a and site see along the way. If you are planning a road trip you need to check out the site "Roadside America". Thank you Haillie! I never would have thought to look for such a site. I found all kinds of neat and goofy attractions for us to check out along our way. The kids were overjoyed. *sarcasm*
Big Jim Metal Cowboy @ Bentleyville, PA
General Philp H. Sheridan @ Somerset, OH

With us leaving so early we missed some of the Pennsylvania attractions since they weren't even open yet. The girls didn't seem too disappointed in not seeing the world's largest praying mantis or the coffee pot shaped building. I had them busy with Pennsylvania and Ohio fun facts and silly laws. I even thought ahead and printed out a bunch of car games. We played …

Two Truths and a Lie
String Words
Buried Cows
Number Game
Jeep, Jeep
Related Words

Traffic was nonexistent, the drive was unbelievable peaceful. Mocha even learned to relax in her car seat and enjoy the ride.
Finally after 7 hours of driving and numerous stops along the way we made it to our Cabin Sweet Cabin in the Hocking Hills Region.
A-Frame Cabin @ Old Man's Cave Chalets

After unpacking the car and getting things situated we headed out for groceries. Until we got there we really weren't sure what we were going to do for meals. All the places I wanted to eat at were a good distance away from the cabins. I really didn't want to spend an hour to drive somewhere to eat then drive an hour back. Not when we had hiking and exploring to do. So we settled for cereal, bananas and cantaloupe for breakfast. Ham, turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch to include trail mix, pretzel m&ms, granola bars and Oreos. Dinner was hamburgers, chicken burgers and hot dogs on the grill and of course smores. Everything was so yummy I didn’t even miss my boardwalk of restaurants at the beach we didn’t go to. Tomorrow we head off to Old Man’s Cave.

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