Friday, July 9, 2010

Are We There Yet

Okay a tad premature, we didn't even leave yet but I am SO SO SO ready to go. Christopher is home from work and is off for the next week. The car has been washed and cleaned. The luggage is down from the attic. Beach towels washed. Snacks and games packed for both people and dogs. I am tempted to call and see if we can check in a day early.

So what beach are we headed to you ask?

NONE! You see I have these two buttheaded children, that's right I called you BOTH buttheads, who don't like the beach. I can't believe it either. Thanks to those two goof balls of mine we are headed to Ohio for vacation. Who the heck vacations in Ohio?

Despite the beachless vacation I am still excited. It's FOUR days of 24/7 which my family without the distraction of internet and phone. We have rented a cabin with hot tub on deck, to make up for the lack of pools and beaches. It sounds like there are some amazing trails with waterfalls and rock formations to explore. Instead of sun bathing and book reading on a beautiful beach, listening to the wave crash, I'll be hiking.

1 comment:

Paula said...

Have a great time! I'm with you.. who goes to Ohio? I'm sure they have plenty of beautiful things to experience.


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