Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let The Whining Begin

Good morning campers! Due to the rain out yesterday we have twice as much area to cover today. *kids groan* So tie up those hiking boots, grab your granola bar and lets hit the trails. *kids whining*
Today we went to the Rock House, Cantwell Cliffs, Cedar Falls and Ash Cave. We had to skip the Rockbridge *pout* due to time and complaining kiddos. They just didn't enjoy this trip as much as I did. I'm really surprised at how much fun I'm having. Who knew? People do vacation in Ohio. People however DON'T drink ice coffee in Ohio BUT that's so another post.
The Rock House was amazing. It's a tunnel like corridor situated midway up a 150 foot cliff of Blackhand sandstone. *brochure talk* I loved the steps carved into the rocks and took so many pics of steps. It looks like I took tons of photos of the same steps but they are all different locations.

So peaceful. After Rock House we drove to Cantwell Cliffs and had our lunch. I love eating outside. If you don't know by now I am an overprotective worry wart of a mom. I hear "cliffs" and see warning signs for the cliffs everywhere, small panic attacks. Haillie trips on flat surfaces in our kitchen without obstacles and here she is leaning over edges trying to get winning photo shots. I was jumpy.

Absolutely beautiful. Hurry jump into the car and off to the next location, Cedar Falls. Cedar Falls is the greatest waterfall in the area. I love waterfalls more than the rocky forest steps. This one was spectacular and once again my photos don't do it justice.
We then drove to the Rockbridge, I was so excited! BUT we get there and the trail begins in what looks like Amish farmland. No dogs were allowed on the trail and it was almost a two mile hike to the bridge. *insert kiddos moans & groans here* We opted to skip this one and head to Ash Cave instead. Ash Cave was a quickie. The trail was easy and it didn't take long to get to the recess cave. With yet another small waterfall and a sandy terrain. Loved it!

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