Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Want WHAT Done To Your Coffee

We've been home from vacation for five days now and I think I'm finally done playing catch up with the chores. All the laundry is done, everything is unpacked and luggage put away, the yard has been mowed and weeded and the fridge is stocked. What I don't understand is how I can clean the car and house before we leave just to have to re-clean everything when we return.
Now for my vacation coffee story, as beautiful as Ohio was they are lacking in the coffee department. My original thought was we would stop at every Dunkin Donuts on the way. After all it was a seven hour drive and we were on vacation. After not seeing any DD I decided I would settle for Starbucks. No such luck. Monday turns into Tuesday and we drive to the nearby city of Lancaster and stopped by the mall to get Haillie a book. You would think there would be some kind of coffee chain in the mall. Nope. Fast forward to Thursday, we plan to drive through Logan on our way home. They have the world's largest washboard there. That's when Christopher stops a coffee house. *yeah* I could almost taste that delicious sweet ice coffee. I get up to the counter and order a large ice coffee. The women just stared at me and didn't say anything. So I asked, "do you have ice coffee" and she responds, "well we have coffee and we have ice." *omg*
The woman proceeds to make two espressos. Then she fills two glasses with ice and pours the espressos into one and creamer into the other. Next she fills the blender with even more ice and pours both cups into the blender. She blends it all and I'm thinking do I have to pay for this? She pours the frothy concoction it into a large cup and there is so much left she fills a second cup. Proudly gives me both cups and she only charges me $3.50. It was so tasteless, so coffeeless.
So bloggies don't go to Ohio for coffee!

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katiebear said...

i want to cry on your behalf. that sounds disgusting!

I can't tell you how many times employees at a certain well known chain have messed up my simple orders while I have been in ohio... is it just something with ohio??


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