Monday, August 16, 2010

Chicken Artichoke Panini w/Prosciutto & Swiss

Boy was I testing the taste palates today. This is one of those meals that I know I'm going to love but I'm holding my breath that everyone else does too. Well, it wasn’t a hit. My family turned their noses up to artichoke hearts. And it seems no one is a fan of prosciutto. Who knew?
Recipe found at Picky Palate
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 ciabatta roll or other crusty roll of choice, split
2 slices Swiss cheese
1-2 slices prosciutto or crisped bacon if you'd prefer
4 slices deli chicken breast meat
1/4 cup artichoke hearts marinated in olive oil, drained
1/2 cup packed fresh baby arugula leaves
2 slices tomato
Preheat Panini press to medium high heat. Brush both sides of roll with extra virgin olive oil. Layer bottom roll in the following order with…
1 slice of Swiss cheese
chicken breast slices
artichoke hearts
arugula leaves
2nd slice of Swiss
Close with top roll and place onto Panini press. Cook until browned, crisped and cheese has melted. Remove, cut in half if desired and enjoy!


Paula said...

I was REALLY hoping you'd have good news on this one because I never met an artichoke heart I didn't love. I thought, if your kids like it, my picky eater might like it.
I have a feeling Alex wouldn't even try this. I, on the other hand, would LOVE it.
I'm guessing those mega cookies more than made up for your dinner :)

Michelle said...

i think i bought the wrong artichoke hearts or maybe i only like them when they are mixed with cream cheese. *lol*


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