Friday, August 27, 2010

Padded Room For One Please

I love cleanliness and order, I get a tad overwhelmed and antsy without it. You would think by now my family would understand that and try to help me out. I don't ask for much, just that they pick up after themselves. It terrifies me to think of what our home will look like when I go back to work.
Dinner was at 6:00 and by 7:00 I left the kitchen clean, spotless with no dish in sight. My day is done and it's time to relax with the family. I walk through at 10:00 on my way upstairs to bed and this is what I found. My family's way to drive me over the edge a little more ever day.
Why is the hat in the basket? Why has the hat been here for two weeks now? It dirty, old and has been replaced with a new one but yet I'm not allowed to throw this one away. Which I'm okay with that, but does it have to live in the basket about the stove?
And where do you keep your mineral spirits, gorilla glue, caulk and touch up paint? Apparently we keep ours on top of the microwave. These have only been here since Sunday so I'm trying to be patient.
I love this one. We have a wedding on Saturday that original called for Dress Blues but was changed to suit and tie. The ones lumped over the kitchen chair are the ones that didn't make the cut. How long will they be there? My guess is Thanksgiving since we technically don't need the chair till then.
Another good one is the pile that is building next to the couch. Do you notice the Droid box? This was Christopher's birthday gift from moi. His birthday was in June. June people. They are totally plotting against me to see who can drive me nuts/insane/over the edge first.

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Paula said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this family. I swear Alex pushes my nerves every single day. If I'm standing in the kitchen when he finishes a dish, he will put it in the dishwasher, if I'm not, it sits in the sink without even being rinsed. I want to scream!
Why do they have to be told every...single..time!??
My husband is like yours with the little stuff. I came home from my trip with a new water filter on the microwave..still in the box. I'm a smart ass so I asked if it was the latest in home decor. No, it's just a spare.
He had also "cleaned" the kitchen by hiding things, but not one surface had been wiped down. I scrubbed the stove and counter tops this morning.
It's a conspiracy!


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