Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two Wines & A Champagne

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. !
I love weddings! We get to dress up, it's usually an adult night out and there's dancing. Then there is the actual ceremony. Sigh. Christopher and I hold hands while the groom and bride exchange their vows. It's bliss. What's not to love?
It was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding. The weather was beautiful for our two hour drive with the top down. I didn't worry about my hair because it was an adult day out. Then we get there and the place is amazing and the first thing Christopher and I notice is how much it looked like our vacation in Ohio.
Remember all the step pictures from our Ohio trip? I love photographing steps. These steps led to a beautiful alter.
The wedding was beautiful but the service at the reception was out of this world. It started out with a cocktail hour and wine glass #1, #2 and #3. There were a variety of appetizers being served and I don't think I saw the same thing come around twice. Then it was time to head to the reception and be seated at our table. That's when the chaos of the glasses began. I still had half a glass of wine left from wine glass #3, then was poured wine glass #4. At this point I had two glasses going and every time I turned away they were being refilled. Time to toast the happy couple and in enters champagne. This too was refilled once that I caught. My three glasses were always half full the entire night. Life is good.

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Paula said...

Too much fun! I LOVE weddings. I love the ceremonies, but even more, I love the party :)
I'm glad you had some time out with your honey. Those nights out are few and far between for us now.


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