Monday, September 20, 2010

Me – Those = Fantabulous

Not to shabby for my first week. I tracked my progress on SparkPeople this morning and lost a total of 5 pounds, 1 inch from my waist and 1/2 an inch from my arms. I did exercise more this week but really feel my food journal was my key contributor to a successful week. I eat 5-6 meals per day with means I'm never hungry. And other than my baked goods I didn't really give anything up. I still had a glass of wine on Thursday, a slice of pizza on Friday and Sunday went out for seafood with my in-laws. I do miss me some baked goods.
Carnation Instant Breakfast
Apple & Yoplait Fat Free Yogurt
Celery w/peanut butter
Dinner w/the Family
Goals for September
o lose 10 pounds (5 pounds lost)
o do 10 proper push-ups
þ buy a kettlebell
Goals for Week 1
þ morning yoga
o treadmill at least once per day
þ journal my food intake
Goals for Week 2
o morning yoga
o treadmill at least once per day
o find a walking buddy
I have morning yoga and daily treadmill as main goals again this week. I'm hoping this will help turn them into habits. I have a set time for yoga which might be something I have to do with the treadmill. Now to see if I can find a walking buddy. All my friends work which makes scheduling difficult. Fingers crossed that someone can come out to play with me.


Paula said...

Way to go! 5 pounds is great !!

I have two neighbors that walk almost every morning. I've been joining them about 3 mornings per week. I have a foot issue that keeps me from walking like I'd like, but have an appt this week to see about it.
You go girl!

Anonymous said...

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