Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekly Menu for Sept 20

This week's menu is driving me insane! I'm not even sure how many times I have changed it now. *sheesh* I love when my husband tells me, that he told me, that he won't be around for the weekend. *rolls eyes* He'll been spending his weekend playing Army with his cadets. So Friday thru Sunday is child friendly or if they don't like what I make they can fend for themselves. Christopher bought me a new recipe book on "100 Best Appetizer Recipes" and that's what I'm cooking from this weekend. Plus a double dessert week, apparently I like to torture myself with delectable baked goods that I shouldn't eat. Most of the cinnamon buns will be heading to work with Christopher. *whew* His boss's wife sent him home with apple dumplings and I can't just send back her empty dish.
Dessert of the Week: Cinnamon Buns & Deep Dish Apple Pie
Monday: Sausage, Potato & Cheese Skillet
Tuesday: Haddock & Mac and Cheese
Wednesday: *Happy Hobbit Day* Bacon Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy & Deep Dish Apple Pie
Thursday: Chicken Shepard's Pie
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Chicken Nuggets & Pierogies
Sunday: Pizza Snack Cups

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Paula said...

Aww it's sweet that you're sending the plate back with goodies. My mother taught me a long time ago to never send a plate back empty. Her mother passed it to her. I love it!!
I too, have struggled with a weekly menu. I am just not feeling it. This picky eater stuff is frustrating. Nick asks for one thing, Alex makes a face and I'm left wanting to throw my hands up.
I told Alex he could pick one meal this week and he says "spaghetti and meatballs" I JUST made those three days ago! He says, but I like them. I said, clearly, you've never had to make meatballs. Pick again. He got pouty and left and I am still struggling. Oy.


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