Friday, September 10, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

  1. Do you set goals for yourself during deployment? What are some of them? (from Military Mommy)  My main goal is to stay sane and not sell our children. Followed by losing weight by eating healthy and exercising. I have learned over the past that stress makes me eat. So I try to have less junk food in the house and more fresh fruits and veggies. Ice cream is just evil during deployments.
  2. What would you say to someone dating a military guy or gal? (from Mothering Off the Cuff)  Roll with the punches. This life is not for everyone. Love every minute that you are together because being apart will fill like eternity.
  3. If you have children, how do you prepare them to move to a new place? (from The Random Ramblings of A Household 6)  Our kiddos are been very lucky in this area. Haillie was too young to remember moving from Ft Drum to PA. With Christopher being and ROTC Instructor and in the NG we haven't moved in 13 years.
  4. Name one hobby that gets you through alone time. (from My Sailor's Mistress)  Thank God for the internet! If you can consider that a hobby. Then there is baking, I love to bake and when stressed I bake a lot. My friends usually gain weight during our deployments because I'm also giving away baked goods.
  5. What's the one food you don't ever get tired of? (from That Army Wife Life)  Salads. Especially with fresh veggies from the garden right now. I just can't get enough!


Kristine said...

Stress makes me eat too...and ice cream...I could eat ice cream every day! I love to bake too. You're lucky to have been in the same place for so long.

Have a great weekend! (c:

Kristine said...

My apologies...the last comment didn't link to me. I left out the 'e' This should be right...(c:


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