Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Car Drama

I think I am finally calm enough to finish telling you my tire story that began on September 15 and finally ended on Monday. I own a 2006 Kia Sportage, I have been a Kia owner for 10 years and this is my fourth one. I don't know what it is about the Sportage, it's just my favorite car. Christopher was talking about getting me a new one before he deploys again but after this ordeal I'm thinking it might be time for a change.
I left my story hanging with a totally flat tire, broken off air plug and no purse or cell phone. Long story short I borrowed a phone, called my parents and my dad changed my tire. I take my car to the dealership's garage to get the air plug fixed, my next (and last set) of free tires and it was time for the car's next mileage check-up. The mechanic tells me there is no way I could need tires yet but he'll have them checked. I go home to wait.
*phone rings* Wednesday, September 15
Mechanic: We have a problem. You do need new tires but you failed to bring you car in for a mileage maintenance and your free set of tires is now void.
Me: (confused) Are you sure? That doesn't make sense. I'm really good about that. I don't think I've ever missed one.
Mechanic: The last time your car was serviced was in February and we haven't seen it since.
Me: I hardly drive my car. It hasn't been in because I wasn't near the next mileage point till now.
Mechanic: I find that hard to believe. (sarcastic) Someone must be driving your car around without you knowing it.
Me: (confused even more) What?
Mechanic: Yeah, someone must be mysteriously driving your car without you knowing and racking up your mileage. (sarcastic) I'm sure it's not your fault.
He hangs up on me and I am so lost and confused by the whole conversation. It didn't make any sense. All my maintenance paperwork was in my car's glove compartment so I had nothing to reference. As I'm about to call in the Army the phone rings again.
Mechanic: The mileage is correct your tires will be changed.
He hangs up. WTF! At this point I am so pissed and anger I can't think straight. You know when those sweet, kind, nice, quiet people go psycho due to all the bent up BS they take… well that was me! I made a call.
Army Man: Yes Dear. What's up?
Me: I need the Army!
Army Man: *lol* What happened?
I told him about the entire weird and rude phone call I had from the mechanic. He was not happy and told me to be ready to go to the dealership when he gets home. *sigh* I love having the Army at my disposal. I try to use his super powers only for good. That evening we walked into the garage, my 6'2" Alpha male still in his ACU's, and the same mechanic is there. Within minutes the man is stumbling over his words. It turned out that while they were changing my tires the other three air gauges broke off, something about the way they are made metal on metal, they rust off. He thought he would charge us for all four, he was wrong and Army Man set him straight. After the bill was all straightened out we were able to take my car home but it only had temporary air gauges on it. They didn't have the air gauges with sensors in stock so I would have to bring it back.
*phone rings* Friday, October 1
My air pressure sensor gauges are in and I'm schedule to take my car back to the garage Monday at 9:30a, it will only take an hour.
*fast forward* Monday, October 4
I arrived at the garage a little bit before 9:30a and lucky me the same mechanic is working today. Joy. I check in and he has no clue as to who I am and what I'm doing there. He just called me on Friday. After the intimidating Army Man how can you not recognize my name? He finally finds me in the computer and I sit down and wait. Thirty minutes later my car finally goes in. Twenty minutes after that the mechanic approaches me.
Mechanic: Your car needs a new pump but we don't have it in stock. It will be $30.
Me: *irritated* What kind of pump could it possibly need? You are suppose to be working on my tires.
Lady across the waiting area: I think you are talking about my car.
He walks away, not so much as a sorry. Finally by 11:00a my car is done. All I have to do is make sure they replaced the metal caps with plastic to avoid another rust issue. Due to my lack of trust with this mechanic I went as far as recording me asking and him stating that they were all changed to plastic. I am out of there and on my way home. Now you would think this would be the end of my story but it's not. I'm almost home when my tire pressure sensor light comes on. I think I'm going to cry at this point. I turn around and head back to the garage. By the time I return it is noon so an hour as passed since I left. Remember that for it is an important fact. I go up to the mechanic.
Me: (thinking he would know me) I was almost home when my pressure sensor light came back on.
Mechanic: That would be an electrical problem you will have to make an appointment with the main garage.
Me: But it was just fixed.
Mechanic: When did you bring it in?
ARE YOU F*@&ING KIDDING ME? I could feel my face turning red. If two of the three people in that room wouldn't have been elderly I was have gone off in a cursing rage. He looked my name up in the computer, he had to look it up. WTF? Twenty minutes later he hands me my keys. First denying that the light was on and then admitting they forgot to clear out some error codes. *roll eyes* Whatever, I just want to leave and go home.
Ready for a zinger?
Christopher opens the mail that evening and starts laughing. I ask what's so funny and he replies, "Kia sent us a letter saying you may have insufficient sealant and have to take the car in to your Kia dealership at your earliest convenience to have additional anti-corrosion wax and sealant applied". Army Man is not funny. I opened a bottle of wine and called it a day. No more Kia's or Ford's for this household.


reesa said...

oh good lord!! I really do send you kudos for keeping your cool, I myself know I would have been yelling and swearing up a storm!

hmb said...

I would have flipped a lid by then. Hella big props to you for not coming out of character!!!


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