Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Festival

We were invited to a Fall Festival (with a suprise!) at the home of Major & Mrs. A day with Christopher, grown ups, delicious food, apple cider making and a surprise. *yippee* Our first task was to head to the apple orchard and help pick the apples and load up the tractor. Easy enough.
After the tractor was filled we were ready to start. The Major rinsed off the apples while I got harassed about my issue of worm contamination. I was promised these were the "good" apples. Apparently the bad apples are only used for cider that won't be passed along to me. *eye roll* Whatever. *lol*
The rinsed apples then went through a hand turning cutter contraption. Hence chopping and cutting up any worms hiding within. Just kidding. After all these were the "good" apples, no worries. They fell into a cheese cloth netting.
When full the cheese cloth netting was closed and put into the apple press. Man power turned the crank and out came the fresh worm free apple cider. Once all of the juice was all squeezed out of the apples it was then strained to remove the froth. Apparently the froth is sickening sweet. Then it was bottle and ready to go. I did take a sip of it was very yummy.
Now here was the surprise part, they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and renewing their vows. It was a secret because they wanted people to come because they wanted to come not because they felt like they had to. They had a string ensemble and those kids were amazing. I felt honored that they invited us to share their special day. The ceremony was both touching and comical. Mrs sister did an outstanding job.
Congratulations Major & Mrs 
We hit the jackpot with goodies! Apple dumplings, apple butter and apple cider. I already have tomorrow's boneless spare ribs marinating in some apple cider. I can't wait to marinate chicken in it as well.

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