Friday, October 22, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

  1. Are you a night owl or an early bird?  Neither! I have my most energy from 3:00p till 8:00p and after that I'm useless. I use to love tucking the girls in at bedtime then snuggling in bed with Christopher and watching a movie. Not anymore. I fall asleep 10-15 minutes once we are in bed. If we watch a movie in the living room my head better not touch his chest or I'm out like a light. It's horrible. *lol* I feel so bad for him.
  2. What makes you jealous?  At the moment the Army makes me more jealous than anything. It's like the other women at times. *lol* Christopher is an ROTC Instructor and in the NG. On top of working Monday thru Friday his next four weekends are booked. *grrr* I know I should be grateful that we are in the same time zone but I'm greedy and hate sleeping alone so much.
  3. Have you started Christmas/holiday shopping yet? When will you finish? (There’s only 63 days left!)  I have not started and will most likely finish in a panic on December 23. I am absolutely horrible at Christmas shopping. I worry about spending money, I question every purchase and stress out on whether or not I'm buying something the person really wants. I set limits and yet we always over spend. I wish we only bought for the kiddos, that would easier. Buying for adults who don't need anything and buy whatever they want is tough.
  4. What would you have a personal chef make you tonight?  I would want my personal chef to be from Barbados because while we were there we ate so many different types of fish. I can't seem to make any kind of fish other than breaded haddock. We had fish cakes, flying fish, barracuda, king fish (wahoo), snapper, bill fish, chubb and yellow fin tuna. I tried a little bit of everything and it was all delicious.
  5. Where was your first kiss?  At the end of a school dance right before my date's mom picked us up. I was fourteen and he totally caught me off guard. It wasn't an awesome kiss and there were no sparks. I broke up with him the following week.

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