Friday, November 19, 2010

The "C" Word

This morning was long.
This coming week feels like it will be longer.
If you are new to my blog let me introduce my Yorkie, "Little Miss Mocha Jo". When I met her four years ago she didn't even weigh half a pound. It was puppy love at first sight.
She's seen me through a deployment. Goes with me almost everywhere and never complains.
So when we first found a lump near her back leg I put off calling the vet. I was sure it would just go away, it just had to. We took her in this morning and the first thing the vet told me was she was too young for it to be cancer. Relief. Then he felt around, it didn't feel right and suggested we do a needle biopsy. A couple hours later the result came back "questionable". He suggested we send it out to a pathologist. Panic. It will be a week till we get the results back. Think positive.
So this afternoon my amazing husband, who was suppose to be leaving for bear camp, took some time to take me shopping. Retail therapy. First stop was for some peppermint schnapps for my hot chocolate tonight. Then we went into a primitive Americana shoppe for some holiday decorations.
I married an awesome man. Now he is at bear camp, I miss him and hope he is having some fun and much need guy time. Mocha is asleep in my lap. It's going to be a long week.


Anonymous said...

Poor Mocha! I really hope she is ok! She is too young not to be!!!!!!
Love that tree you bought!

Paula said...

I'm definitely sending positive thoughts your way. I hope cute little Mocha is just fine.

LivKit said...

The table top tree is too cute! Love it! Thoughts and prayers your way! Have a great night :)

Pixie said...

You and Miss Mocha will be in my thoughts! Hope everything turns out ok!


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