Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Menu For Nov 22

Let the holiday chaos begin! This morning once my sleeping beauties finally wake up we will head out to do our holiday grocery shopping. I can't wait. I will be posting my menu next and sharing my holiday planner. Planners rock! I love list, schedules and plans. I also love Thanksgiving leftovers which leads me to ask...
"How do you serve your Thanksgiving leftovers?"
Every year I search for make over recipes and the intent of making amazing leftover meals. And yet every year we want and enjoy eating our Thanksgiving meal over and over again.
Dessert of the Week: Custard Pumpkin Pie, Mile-High Chocolate Meringue Pie, Upside Down Apple Pie & Mini Cranberry Pumpkin Bread
Monday:  Cheeseburger Soup
Tuesday:  Fend For Yourself ;o)
Wednesday:  Pizza Rolls
Thursday:  Thanksgiving Dinner
Friday:  Pizza
Saturday:  Cinnamon Chicken, Smashed Sweet Potatoes & Corn Pudding
Sunday:  Chicken, Bacon & Dumplings


Anonymous said...

When I was living at home, my mom would just reheat the whole meal the next day for dinner. DH likes to eat cold leftover sandwiches - turkey, mayo, stuffing, cranberries on potato we eat those a lot.

Paula said...

I have had plenty of reheated plates of Thanksgiving dinner.. and I love it! I love a turkey sandwich too.
I saw Melissa D'Arabian on the Food Network the other night make turkey taquitos. I think I'd like to try those.


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