Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Explain to me why I do this-
Springtime comes around and I take the winter blankets and flannel sheets off of our beds. Wash them, fold them and put them away in a tote in the attic. Wintertime rolls around and I take those same blankets and flannel sheets out of the totes, wash them (???) and then make our beds. Why?


Paula said...

I do the SAME thing! I do it with sweaters, with my seasonal towels etc. Anything stored gets washed again.
When I was moving from Hawaii, I washed all the linens. My friend called me crazy and said you know you're going to wash them again on the other side. Surely she didn't just suggest I pack dirty linens??? I couldn't do it. I washed them all and washed them again.
OCD much?

reesa said...

I do the same, idk I am always afraid they get dirty somehow with dust!


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