Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Stringing Along

Yeah! The girls went back to school today, that break was way too long. They were so bored and yet didn't want to do anything I suggested. Goofballs. You know it's bad when Abby is watching the clock eager to go out to the bus stop. Once they were gone I got the house back into order. Finished up the laundry. Brought the last of the holiday decorations down from the attic. Then I made a cup of tea and strung some more popcorn. Ugh. Every year I swear I will never string popcorn again and ever year I can't help it. I love the way it looks on the tree and garlands.
I also had time to finish my first scarf. The directions said it would end up about five feet long and I'm a few feet short. And the binding into "bell ends" is still in process. I have no clue as to what the directions are telling me to do. To add to my frustrating and fun I started a scarf for Abby with the combination of yarn and fun fur. I bought twice as much yarn so her scarf doesn't come up short too. With Christopher not coming home tonight I plan on knitting and stringing popcorn late. Oh I live a wild and crazy life.


Paula said...

Would you stop already? You're making some of us feel as if we don't do enough! Seriously, what a pretty scarf. I'm jealous that you are actually making something. I can't think of anything I could make as gifts. Except cookies and breads of course!

Anonymous said...

Check out this post. I read her blog and she was a guest at this other site. Reminds us that a few less cookies are OK~
Love the pretty!
lynn s/w

Ordinary Mom said...

You should put one of those big buttons on it and use it as a neck scarf. I'll send you a pic if I can find one.

Plus ditto what Paula said you are making me look bad!

Momma Lew said...

I am in shock that you picked up knitting like that! That scarf is awesome! I lke the idea of a button!!! Hand knit scarves are by far the warmest!


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