Monday, December 20, 2010

Reindeer Games 2010

Time for some family fun! With Christopher and the girls home I wanted to do something a little different. We are suppose to have "Friday Family Fun Night" which includes pizza and games. Lately we've been skipping it because everyone is tired. It gets pushed to tomorrow which never comes. I wanted to get us back together and do some bonding. Starting tonight we are playing one game (board, card, video) every evening. On the fridge is the posted Reindeer Games 2010 form to keep track of the games and winners.
On January 1st the tally marks will be counted up and the winner will receive $20 cold hard cash to spend frivolously. Download Reindeer Games 2010 and join in the family fun. Feel free to share with your family & friends.
Tonight's game of Pictionary started friendly. The teams were Christopher & Abby Vs. Haillie & me. Haillie and I were too confident, talking smack and in the lead. By the end of the game it was very close and we were fighting for our win. *lol* The best part was everyone was into it and already excited for tomorrow night's game.

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Paula said...

I love game night! We've been playing games too, since the kids got here. Good times! I love the list you made.. too cute!


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