Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Was Naughty

It began with a lot of pestering and begging from Abby. Then she was carrying around "The Book of Dogs" showing us all the different cute breeds. Three months later we started considering it and checking out puppies online. Then Thursday night while Christopher was out to dinner with his ROTC Cadets he received a text from Abby. Don't buy your children cell phones for they are evil devices.
A: *snaps a pic with her phone from a puppy website* this is the puppy i love.
C:  isn't that puppy is expensive?
A:  you can't put a price on love. ps... but yes
The rest of the night was Abby constantly questioning me on whether or not Dad called and talked to me. By Friday morning she was sure she wasn't getting that puppy. Meanwhile, Christopher was calling around puppy searching. The original chosen puppy was already sold but that puppy had a brother. Introducing ...
Scruffy is a 16 week old Morkie (Maltese & Yorkie). This is Abby's first real responsibility so we were looking for an older puppy. Scruffy is perfect. He's full of that fun puppy energy and old enough to hold his bladder some. Housetraining is my detail and I'm thankful he is easy. He seems to already grasp the concept so once Abby is more comfortable carrying him downstairs I will hand over that job. I can't wait, it's cold out there. Between Christmas and Scruffy my poor blog is gathering dust.


Paula said...

That IS a cute puppy. Too funny how she took charge of asking "Santa" for that pup. This is a girl who will always stand her ground!
Good luck getting it all done. I can't imagine having a puppy distraction right now. Having a house full of kids is enough for me. We're having a fabulous time though!

Jazzie Casas said...

My son prefers to have a cellphone than a puppy! Which I know is bad for him but he says most of his friends already has a cellphone and he feels he's the only one left out.


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Momma Lew said...

Oh my goodness he is way cute!!!!!


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