Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lost In Electronics

I am sort of experiencing some technical difficulties. Christopher surprised me with a new laptop. I am so spoiled and he totally rocks! It’s a delicious coffee brown and sparkles.
This started a game of musical laptops and I’m our in-house tech support. Since there was really nothing wrong with my old laptop it was decided that I would take it back to factory settings and pass it down to Abby. Her currently laptop tends to overheat and shuts down during games. Well my laptop, that never gave me any problems crashed after the restore. Grrr. I’ve been working on fixing that and uploading to my new laptop since Thursday. Stress much. It’s amazing how many little things you overlook with a computer move. Like fonts. All gone. Or photo watermarks. Bye bye. So bare with me as I slowly get everything up and running again.

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