Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grilled Cheese Burgers

This is not a diet friendly meal & that must be why these are so delicious! My dad started making these monsters and whenever I say we are having burgers for dinner he starts to salivate and ask if I'm making them into grilled cheese burgers. Home grown tomatoes are a must.
I'm normally not a fan of premade burger patties but they are easier to work with for this recipe. First I grilled the burgers.
Then you make an assembly line. Butter your bread like you would for a grilled cheese sandwich. For a twist you can use mayo instead of butter.
Then assemble your burgers … bread, mustard & ketchup, cheese, burger, tomato, cheese and bread.
Grill your burgers till golden brown and enjoy. Beware these are additive!


Paula said...

These look delish! I'm sure I wouldn't be able to get Alex to try one. He's a bland kind of kid. My husband, however, would love these!

Renee said...

Grilled cheeseburgers are AUH-MAZING! Nothing says delisiouc summer dinner like cheeseburgers with fries, corn on cob and milkshakes...Mmm


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