Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly Menu For Aug 16

I've been pondering about how to give credit to the fabulous daughter of mine who spell-checks my every word (Haillie stop messing with my blog post, again) the person/site when I use their recipe. When I original started posting our menus and recipes they were either hand me downs from family, favorites from friends or recipes I have found through the years by various book & sites. But I received an email and it was bought to my attention that someone was a tad upset that I claimed her recipe. This surprised me because I really don't recall ever claiming that a recipe was mine. So to resolve this situation I have decided that I will share the link to where I found the recipe BUT post mine version too since I sometimes tweak. And to the person whose email was less than lady like I found the recipe in question of the Food Network take it up with them.
Last week's menu got so mixed up, our schedule was so out of sorts with Christopher being home. I found an "it is new to me" site and I think this week's recipes are all from there. Everything I looked at look absolutely delicious, plus I was hungry while meal planning. You definitely need to head over to "Picky Palate" and check out all her yummy recipes.
Dessert of the Week: The Motherload Layered Cookie Bars
Monday: Chicken Artichoke Panini with Prosciutto and Swiss & Broccoli Salad
Tuesday: Taco Cornbread Wedges with Ranchero Cilantro Drizzle
Wednesday: Chicken Peanut Thai Noodles
Thursday: Shredded BBQ Sliders with Creamy Cole Slaw
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Fend For Yourself
Sunday: Renaissance Faire Tortellini & Chicken Meatballs

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