Monday, August 23, 2010

The Power Of The Uniform

Today Haillie and I used the "Power of the Uniform". We had a morning meeting with her guidance counselor because she didn't have any type of history class on her class schedule. I wanted to make sure she didn't lose her graphics class due to schedule conflict. It's funny how if you walk into the school's office with a man in uniform things work to your advantage. Christopher got them to drop a mandatory basic computer class which made room for the history class. The cherry on top… not only did Hails get to keep her graphics class but she is now able to take German.
The rest of our day was a happy blur. Ending with a beautiful flower from the backyard from Haillie.

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Paula said...

I love it! I'm glad things worked out for her. I'm stressing because we STILL don't have a schedule for Alex. Stinkin' counselor doesn't come to work until 31 AUG, and school starts 2 SEP. I guess most kids from last year have their schedules.
I do love using that uniform too. It gets results. Don't think I don't milk the whole "Army wife" and "Deployed Soldiers" thing when I need to !!


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