Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Festivities

Monday already?
Waking up with a sore throat on a dreary day is no way to start the week. Instead of climbing back into bed I was a good grown up and did the grocery shopping, laundry, worked on the kiddos Halloween costumes and did some light cleaning. Dinner was easy. Haillie requested Italian wedding soup and I baked a loaf of bread. I even had time to do some fall decorating.
Once the kiddos came home from school I had them start their homework right away. Well, I had Abby start her homework. It's rare that Haillie even cracks open a book before 7:30p. The plan was to go pick out pumpkins as soon as Christopher got home from work. His schedule has been crazy and this is his holiday. I'm not a fan of Halloween.
Now it was time to get serious and pick out the perfect pumpkins. Christopher and Abby were searching for just the right one. This is not an easy task. It needs to be the right shape, size and have a personality. We were there for awhile.
Look! Haillie got contacts! What do you think? Oh wait, I'm not aloud to have a picture of her. Fourteen hours in labor and I'm forbidden to take her picture. FOURTEEN HOURS Haillie! I know you are reading this. I am sending mother guilt vibes your way. Turn around for me once in awhile.  ;oP  xoXOxo
Abby has a baby pumpkin addiction. Every year we have the same conversation, it's practically a part of our holiday ritual...

  • she pesters and begs for a baby pumpkin because they are so cute
  • I say no
  • she pleads
  • I reminder her of last year's baby pumpkin and the moldy mess it was when I found it in June
  • she promises that will not happen again
  • dad steps in and buys baby pumpkin for his little girl
  • I roll my eyes & Abby wins once again
It was a fun evening with everyone getting along and goofy around. I find that so relaxing and love not having to be in the middle all the time referring the conversations. This continued all the way through dinner which ended too late for us to crave the pumpkins tonight.

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Paula said...

I love these photos and this story. You are making memories.
Be careful what you start, these little "traditions" stick and you wonder what in the world you've done.
I tried to get my son to take just me to pick out a Christmas tree one year (single mom days). He had just gotten a baby pick up truck and I thought how easy it would be this year. However, only two people fit in the baby truck. He wouldn't have it. We HAD to take the van so the girls could go too. "We ALWAYS pick out the tree as a family" So into the van we went. We had to tie the tree on top but we did it together.
Good times.


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