Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Menu For Oct 25

Sore throat = me not wanting to eat = me not wanting to cook. On top of that I find it hard to believe it is the last week in October already. Heading into November officially puts us in the countdown till Christopher's next deployment. This is the longest he's been home in between deployments so I shouldn't complain but I'm sure I will. In case he's unable to be home for the holidays, next year, I'm going overboard this year. Like I wouldn't have anyway.
Dessert of the Week:  Death By Oreo Cupcake (Abby is happy)
Monday:  ItalianWedding Soup & Amish White Bread
Tuesday:  Soy Sauce Chicken Legs & Side of Your Choice
Wednesday:  Burgers & Fries
Thursday: Rib Eye Steak with Whiskey Cream Sauce & Crash Hot Potatoes (Paula you have my mouth watering)
Friday: Pizza
Saturday:  Fall Festival (at the Major's home)
Sunday:  Happy Halloween/Trick or Treating Time

1 comment:

Paula said...

Oh Michelle, it all sounds wonderful! I'm jealous already of your steak dinner.
I love the crash hot potatoes, they'll be good with this. Make sure and have some kind of bread to "sop" up all that whiskey cream sauce goodness.
I can't believe it's the end of October already. Time is flying. I can imagine what it is like for you facing a deployment. I feel for you. It sucks.


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