Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly Menu for Sept 27

I can't believe we are already heading into October. The last three months of the year always pass too quickly in our home. Once again I've been putting off making Halloween costumes and I must sit down this week and plan them out. I need to start hoarding baking supplies for Christmas cookies and start working on holiday menus. Everything has to be extra special for all upcoming holidays since we are pretty sure Christopher will be deployed before next years.
Dessert of the Week: Banana Crumb Muffins & Creamy Rice Pudding
Monday: Amazing Meatloaf & Macaroni and Cheese
Tuesday: Chicken Chimichangas with Sour Cream Sauce
Wednesday: Fend For Yourself
Thursday: Beef Stew & Angel Cream Biscuits
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Chili & Corn Bread
Sunday: Chicken Spaghetti


Paula said...

Ahhhh... beef stew, chili, all things Alex won't eat. Nick actually complained to me last night that I'm not making his favorites anymore. I told him how frustrated I am with Alex not eating. (not only will he not eat what he doesn't like, he acts pissy about it) Nick told me to ignore it and let him have PB&J. My dad would NEVER have let me have anything but what my mother cooked. It's a different world.

Michelle said...

My girls aren't happy with this week's menu. I know they'll eat tonight, Friday & Sunday without a problem. Tuesday & Thursday's meals they'll have to eat or go hungry. I don't make my Mexican meals spicy. Where as the chili will be so I will warm up the meatloaf for them.


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