Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly Menu for Oct 4

I banged out this menu in record time! Then I remembered I have to take my car into the shop, the parts to fix my tires are finally in. That means I won't be going grocery shopping first thing in the morning. Leaving me not enough time to get the roast in the crock pot for French Dip Sandwiches. I rearranged the menu. I then realize I didn't ask Christopher about his schedule for this week. He informs me that he won't be home Tuesday and Thursday. *augh* I rearranged the menu again.
Dessert of the Week: Banana Oatmeal Nut Cookies
Monday: Parmesan Encrusted Chicken & Bacon Smashed Potatoes
Tuesday: Mini Meatball Sandwiches & Fries
Wednesday: Loaded Baked Potato Soup & Amish White Bread
Thursday: Fend For Yourself
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: French Dip Sandwiches & Fries
Sunday: Family Reunion

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